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Friday, April 14, 2006


A sputum sample is the name given to the mucus that is coughed up from the lower airways. It is usually used for microbiology investigations of respiratory infections. The best sputum samples contain very little saliva, as this contaminates the sample with oral bacterium. When a sputum specimen is agar plate, it is best to get the portion of the sample that most looks like pus onto the swab. If there is any blood in the sputum, this should also be adobe acrobat 70on the swab. adobe acrobat reader free downloadMicrobiological sputum samples are usually used to look for infections by free acrobat readerBranhamella catarrhalis, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae. baxter5gfpOther pathogens can download adobe acrobat readeradobe acrobat 70also jeredyuofbe found. acrobat downloadSee also: phlegm

Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition

Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, or J2ME, is a collection of java programming language Application Programming Interfaces targeting embedded consumer products such as Personal Digital Assistants, cell phones and other consumer appliances. J2ME has become a popular option for creating games for cell phones, as they can be emulated on a adobe acrobat readerPersonal computer during the development stage and easily uploaded to the phone. This contrasts with the difficulty of developing, testing, and loading games for other special gaming platforms such as those made by Nintendo, Sony, and others, as expensive system-specific hardware and kits are required.

Configurations and Profiles

J2ME devices implement a profile. The most common of these are the MIDP aimed at mobile devices, such as cell phones, and the Personal Profile aimed at consumer products and embedded devices like Set-top boxes and PDAs. A profile is a superset of a configuration, of which there are currently two: Connected Limited Device Configuration and Connected Device Configuration.

Connected Limited Device Configuration

The CLDC contains a strict subset of the Java class libraries, and is the minimal needed for a Java virtual machine to operate.

Mobile Information Device Profile

Designed for cell phones, MIDP boasts an Liquid crystal display-oriented Graphical user interface API, and MIDP 2.0 includes a basic 2D gaming API. Applications written for this profile are called MIDlets. Almost all new cell phones come with a MIDP implementation, and it is now the de facto standard for downloadable cell phone games.

Information Module adobe acrobatProfile

adobe acrobat downloadThe Information Module Profile (IMP) is a J2ME profile for embedded, headless devices such as vending machines, industrial embedded applications, acrobat readersecurity systems, and similar devices with either simple or no display and with some limited network connectivity. Originally introduced by Siemens AG and Nokia as JSR-195, IMP 1.0 is a strict subset of MIDP 1.0 except that it doesnt include user interface APIs acrobat distiller— in other words, it doesnt include support for the Java package javax.microedition.lcdui JSR-228, also known as IMP-NG, is IMPs next generation that is based on MIDP 2.0, leveraging MIDP 2.0s new security and networking types and APIs, and other APIs such as PushRegistry and platformRequest but again it doesnt include UI APIs, nor the game API. IMP applications are called IMlets, but in reality they are MIDlets. They subclass MIDlet, and follow the same packaging, deployment, security and life-cycle as MIDlets.

Connected Device Configuration

CDC is a larger subset of J2SE, containing almost all the libraries that are not GUI related.

Foundation Profile

A headless version of J2SE.

Personal Basis Profile

Extends the Foundation Profile brigidae608to include lightweight GUI support spence8t3fin the form of an Abstract Windowing Toolkit subset.

Personal Profile

This extension of Personal Basis Profile includes a more comprehensive AWT subset and acrobat reader downloadadds Java applet support.


Fairfax is the name of some places in the United States:
Fairfax, California
Fairfax, Iowa
Fairfax, Minnesota
Fairfax, Missouri
Fairfax, Ohio
Fairfax, Oklahoma
Fairfax, South Carolina
Fairfax, South Dakota
Fairfax, Vermont
Fairfax, Virginia
Fairfax County, Virginia
Lord Fairfax of Cameron free adobe acrobatis a title in the Peerage of Scotland.
Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax of Cameron was an English General in the acrobat distillerCivil War.
John Fairfax Holdings is an Australian-based newspaper publisher with interests in Australia and New Zealand.
Fairfax Financial Holdings is a Canada based financial services holding adobe acrobatcompany.
Fairfax is adobe acrobat 70a fictional town cuuladhylb9used by Royal Mail for training purposes. Its adobe acrobat downloadpostcode is FX. See List of postal codes in the United Kingdom.
Lt. Fairfax larenzo52ddis a free adobe acrobat readercharacter in the British TV sitcom Allo Allo disambig

Maurice Koechlin

Maurice Koechlin (March 8, 1856 - January 14, 1946) was a France structural engineer. Born Buhl, Haut-Rhin, he studied at the lycÉe in Mulhouse then at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology under acrobat reader downloadCarl dontayerde5Culmann. Much of his work was in the service of Gustave Eiffel and his major structural designs adobe acrobatwere:
Garabit viaduct, (1880-1884),
Armature for the Statue of Liberty - in collaboration with Frédéric Bartholdi, (1884), and
Eiffel Tower, (1887-1889). Married to Emma Rossier in 1886, they had six children. He corbenic6m6gdied in Veytaux, Switzerland. acrobat distillerHe adobe acrobat 70was an adobe acrobatofficer of the Légion acrobat readerdhonneur.

Just war

A just war describes a war that satisfies a set of moral or legal rules. Though in origin a Christian doctrine, Francisco de Vitoria based his arguments on reason and so put the tradition on a more universal basis. The rules applied may be ethics, religion, or formal (such as international law). The rules classically cover the justification for the war (Jus ad Bellum) and the conduct of the participants in the war (Jus in Bello). Just war theory has ancient roots. Cicero discussed this idea and its applications. Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas later codified a set of rules for a just war, which today still encompass the points commonly debated, with some modifications. In modern language, these rules hold that to be just, a war must meet the following criteria before the use of force:
(Jus ad Bellum)
War can only be waged for a just cause, such as self-defense against an armed attack.
War can only be waged under legitimate authority. Usually the constitution and the laws of a nation state specify the institutions and personnel authorized to make war decisions. The U.N Charter authorizes the Security Council to make the international communitys war decisions. Citizens at their own will cannot attack another country without the permission of the legitimate authority. Conversely, in a democratic nation state, statesmen with legitimate authority will need to convince citizens that their course of action is legal and proper.
War can only be waged with the right intention. Correcting a suffered wrong is considered a right purpose, while material gain is not. Thus a war that would normally be just for all other reasons would be made unjust by a bad intention. Right intention requires that democratic statesmen accept the decision of their nations courts and electorates on the legitimacy and the justice of their action.
War can only be waged with a reasonable chance of success. It is considered unjust to meaninglessly waste human life and economic resources if defeat is unavoidable.
War must be waged with proportionality in mind. The suffering which existed pre-war should not be overshadowed by the suffering the war may cause. can only be waged as a last resort. War is not just until all realistic options which were likely to right the wrong have been pursued. Once war has begun, just war theory also directs how combatants are to act:
(Jus in Bello)
Just war conduct should be governed by the principle of discrimination. The acts of war should be directed towards the inflictors of the wrong, and not towards civilian caught in circumstances they did not create. The prohibited acts include bombing civilian residential areas that include no military target and committing acts of terrorism or reprisal against ordinary civilians. Some Theology believe that this rule forbids weapons of mass destruction of any kind, for any reason (such as the use of an atomic bomb).
Just war conduct should be governed by the principle of proportionality. The force used must be proportional to the wrong endured, and to the possible good that may come. The more disproportional the number of collateral civilian deaths, the more suspect will be the sincerity of a belligerent nations claim to justness of a war it adobe acrobat downloadinitiated.
Torture, of combatants or of non-combatants, is forbidden.
prisoner of war must be treated respectfully.
Many throughout history have considered conscription an unjust means, e.g. It is debasing human dignity to force men to give up their life, or to inflict death against their will, or without conviction as to the justice of their action. Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi in the Manifesto Against Conscription and the Military System condition of proportionality is often misunderstood. A quote from Ambrose may well clarify it. Taking an example of a traveler coming to the aid of a fellow traveler who has been attacked by a robber he says At the same time, the Christian should use no more force than necessary to subdue the attacker, for that person too is someone for whom Christ died. Charity thus adobe acrobat readerjustifies the resort to force in defense, not acrobat distillerin self but of the other, yet at the same time it limits the force that can be used against the evildoer to what is necessary to end the evil. Hence minimum force is used here in the ethical sense of minimum harm. It is not in conflict with the Powell doctrine of overwhelming force. If overwhelming force in the military sense acrobat readerproduces less harm then it can be seen adobe acrobatas minimum force in the ethical sense jeredyuofused by Just War theorists.

Just war acrobat readertheorists

Cicero (106 BC–43 BC)
Augustine of Hippo (354-430)
St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)
Stanislaw of Skarbimierz (1360-1431)
Francisco de Vitoria (1492-1546)
Francisco Suarez (1548-1617)
Hugo Grotius (1583-1645)
Samuel Pufendorf (1632–1694)
Emerich de Vattel (1714-1767)
Paul Ramsey (1913-1988)
Michael gretchenx395Walzer (1935-)
Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)
H. Richard Niebuhr (1894-1962)
Paul Tillich (1886-1965)

Phil Krapf

Phillip H. Krapf is a former Los Angeles Times Metro Desk editor who wrote the 1998 book The Contact Has Begun (Hay House, Inc.), in which he alleges to have been taken on board an extraterrestrial craft and introduced to details of an elaborate plan to introduce humans to the fact of extraterrestrial civilizations. Krapf graduated college in 1963 and began work as a reporter for a local newspaper in San Fernando, California, where he progressed to the rank of managing editor, receiving several journalism awards. His work for the Los Angeles Times spanned 25 years of a 30-year career and culminated in his sharing a Pulitzer Prize with other members of the Metro team for the papers reporting on the 1992 civil unrest in Los Angeles. According to Krapfs account, he went to bed on the evening of June 10, 1997 only to be awakened by a blue light in the room he could not trace to a television or any other source. The light constricted and became the vehicle for his alien abduction. In seconds he appeared on an examination table in a large room on an alien spacecraft and was introduced to some of the aliens he would spend several days conversing with and learning from. These individuals, with reference to a lushly vegetated home planet, called themselves the Verdants and identified acrobat downloadthemselves as the largest of numerous thousands of civilizations in the travelled universe. Krapf, hitherto a self-described skeptic, accommodated himself to the shock and came to learn through an seraphine8tjdintroductory orientation program about the aliens, their non-hostile intentions (he described himself as reconciled to his own taking), a complex intergalactic federation of sovereign planetary civilizations, and the general protocols surrounding a civilizations approach to its first exploratory steps into space. He was also informed that while earth was an uncharacteristically internally diverse civilization, preparations were underway to introduce its population to the new concept that extraterrestrial life was a fact, involving close cooperation between the Verdants and humans of general respect and credibility. Krapf was asked to write a white adobe acrobat reader free downloadpaper regarding the plan, as a reference resource for individuals unfamiliar with the preparatory efforts. He turned the account into a more personal factual narrative report, including his individual reactions to the new culture shock and intensely interesting nature of the experience. The plan, while likely to meet with fear or hostility in many human quarters, is described as predictably fascinating in its putative unfoldment scenario details. The book makes unusual claims but also includes intriguing discussions of technical details, a discussion of a purportedly 600 million year old civilization with maximal or perfect intelligence, having bioengineered themselves to a ceiling lifespan of approximately 20,000 earth years. Krapf further describes discovering to his own shock (being an atheist) the extraterrestrials civilizations individual yet unbiquitous theism, reportedly involving direct scientific evidence but only sketched in general description. He also relates the brief episode of being sexually propositioned at one point by a particular individual, a surprising turn which he politely declined and relegates to part of an intercultural learning process between the characters. He also attempts to anticipate several normal prospective objections to the credibility of his account. In a followup book, The Challenge of Contact (Origin Press, 2003), Krapf amplified on his post-experience life, download adobe acrobat readertwo follow-on visitations, and the freeze on the disclosure program which the September 11, 2001 attacks resulted in, which free adobe acrobattook place only weeks prior to what would otherwise have been the beginnings of the first steps of disclosure. Among other things he alludes to clandestine politico-economic entities with specific disinterest in any progress toward a worldwide awakening to the reality of the extraterrestrial phenomenon. He alleges that the human race was effectively assessed as borderline in its collective moral development, would be contained if it were to attempt to seriously explore space while still warlike, and is essentially at the moment nickiqfgdnow on probation as to whether its good and decent elements will prevail in containing and acrobat reader downloadarresting its sociopathic elements. Subsequent to his first books publication, Krapf made several popularly received appearances on late night talk radio adobe acrobat 70programs such as the Mike Jarmus show and Coast to Coast AM. External links:
The Contact Has Begun: ISBN 1-56170-506-3
The Challenge of Contact: ISBN 1-57983-009-9